Energy Vampires

And How to Celebrate Getting Drunk… On Life

Krys Ghislaine
7 min readDec 15, 2021
Wine, poetry, or virtue (Photo by KGB)

A dear friend sent me a message when I was admitting to complete burnout earlier this year, to remind me of the importance of protecting my energy, and to beware of energy vampires. For those not aware, energy vampires are those people in our lives with whom feed off our positive energy for their own selfish pleasures. Some, even go so far as to encourage us to talk about all the bad stuff in our lives, themselves thriving off of the high of the negative feedback loop. What makes it worse, is that you walk away feeling drained, exhausted, and sadly are often times completely unaware of what just happened.

Energy vampires are real, and are especially rampant around the holidays. I have fallen prey to a few over the past year, and rather than write about those sordid tales, I decided I would share some of the things I have done, and am working on to protect my space. Exploring relationships is my passion, and we must never forget the most important one, the relationship with self. Emotional burnout is real, and this year I have unfortunately needed the hard lesson of a complete breakdown, and feeling of depletion to remind me how integral protecting my energy is, especially from those who would prey on the downtrodden. So let us explore celebrating life, and explore some tools for conserving energy during what has been…