Exploring the Complexities of Love: The Sex Edition

Continuing My Exploration of Love

Krys Ghislaine
5 min readJun 20, 2023
Love Explored: The Sex Edition

It’s a funny thing, the word sex. Whenever I, as a sex positive person, write about sex, I get faced with an onslaught of dirty questions, and inappropriate propositions. It’s almost as if, the word sex itself, short circuits some part of the brain, and nothing that follows matters. Hence, why I don’t often write about the word in of itself. That being said, it is difficult to explore the complexities of love, without writing about sex; the word, the act, that thing that we are so curious about.

For many, sex is the physical expression of adult love. And in the monogamous framework, it is reserved for two adults, till death do they part. As I have discovered, often the hard way, sex is so much more than that. And the varieties that provides us are bountiful. My focus largely remains relationships, AKA the many ways we form adult bonds, and all the fascinating ways we find to love each other. I often find it difficult to discuss that, without also talking about the physical act itself, and the complexities that exist within that 3 letter word. And more to the point, that seems to be what people are really interested in if you get right down to it. So what is sex anyways? Is it intimacy, penetration, procreation, or orgasms? Pleasure or pain? What is it?