Non-Monogamy in the Wake of Social Distancing and Isolation

Krys Ghislaine
6 min readMar 23, 2020
Social Distancing and Isolation

Being non-monogamous allows me the freedom to be the sexual being that I never could in monogamy. The ability to flirt, and interact with other sex positive people in my community on a level deeper than just friendship gives my extroverted nature room to blossom. And thus, when I first heard about social distancing, I was frightened, and in truth, a little angry. It was as if, everything that I had worked so hard to achieve, was suddenly taken from me. Yes, I recognize the selfishness of this statement, especially as this pandemic continues to shake our world order in the most brutal and unrelenting of ways, but, I felt it none the less. Telling a sexual extrovert like myself, that there will be no contact with another human for a minimum of 14 days was gut wrenching. I went through the stages of grief. But, once I took a deep breath I realized that this was an opportunity to learn about what I could do without human intimacy. This is a rare opportunity to reconnect with my partner and deepen the connections I have outside of my home in a safe, and direct contact free way. So let me share the three most important things that us non-monogamous folks can do in the wake of social distancing and isolation.

Self Care

The first thing many of us non-monogamous or sex positive people think about when we see self care, is masturbation. However, before we can get to that stage, let us not forget to first do what WHO recommends. Start with washing your hands for 20 seconds or longer each and every time you come into contact with a new surface (door knobs, shopping carts, or that bottle of wine) and practice social distancing if you must go out.

Next on the list is our mental health. Try unplugging from technology (after you finish this article of course) for a few hours each day. Pick up a book, try adult colouring, yoga, or mixing yourself a fancy new cocktail that you have always been meaning to try, but seems to take too much effort. Take long, deep meaningful breaths, and make sure you are finding ways to get a little exercise and cardio, which of course leads nicely into the fun part of self care, masturbation.

The science behind the endorphin release of orgasming or sexual activity is clear, and is incredibly important during this time of limited…

Krys Ghislaine

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