Ask Krys: Outdoor Sex, and the Whole Fantasy VS Reality Conundrum

Krys Ghislaine
4 min readMar 12, 2023

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Having answered “how to have sex in the great outdoors” this next question seems like a perfectly timed follow up, if not a little bittersweet because I am still stuck in a Canadian winter wonderland.

Dear Krys,

I wanted to know how you felt about the fear/anxiety of getting caught by others while having a good intimate moment with someone? Years ago, [my partner] and I went on a hike and found a spot to have sex. It was under a hollowed tree just near the river. We were getting hot and heavy, but all of a sudden we heard footsteps and stopped frozen in our motion. It was a ladies voice calling out to see if we’d respond or not. We didn’t. As she walked away, we noticed from peeking around the stump that she was a Park Ranger so the possibility for getting arrested for indecent exposure was great. It didn’t happen. We picked where we left off…finished…and then continued on our hike.

Part of me is thrilled with the idea of outdoor sex and the thrill of keeping it on the down-low without anyone catching me/us. In fact, one of my favourite genres is watching women dare to get caught in libraries, airplanes, restaurants, etc. However, scenario vs. real life tends to challenge any curiosity in trying things ourselves. What do